Kapow-i GoGo Marathon Returns 5/24

After a successful and SOLD OUT performance of all 3 parts of Kapow-i GoGo at the Peoples Improv Theater last Saturday, we are proud to announce a 2nd marathon on May 24th at 1p. Think of it like weekend morning cartoons for adults, complete with a cereal/breakfast bar beginning at noon and breaks throughout the show to keep eating and/or begin imbibing alcohol.

Even more exciting is the newly reduced ticket price of $30 for the entire marathon and food! See more about the show, cast & crew, and reviews at our website, or visit the PIT’s site to purchase tix for the 5/24 marathon.

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Her name is Kapow-i GoGo. And she’s going to save the world. Again. And again. And again. Matthew Cox’s Kapow-i GoGo is an epic, three-part, live-action hybrid of Dragon Ball Z, Cyberpunk Space Operas, most of the Final Fantasies and every other after-school cartoon you watched in the mid-to-late ’90s. It’s a Geek Coast of Utopia. A Nerd Gatz. A Normal Person Season of House on Netflix. With cooler hair. And more robotic appendages and random encounters.

Kapow-i GoGo began as one of the most popular plays at The Flea Theater’s #serials@theflea. For the PIT run, the show has been expanded and re-conceived into three totally new, separate evenings: Kapow-i GoGo Gooooo!, Kapow-i GoGo Z, and Kapow-i Returns; spanning three decades and following our plucky blue-haired fighter on her journey to collect all the legendary Hydra Crystals, to compete in the World’s Martial Arts Tournament, to far-flung future dystopias and fights with power-mad cybernetic generals, giant robots, mountain monsters and assorted other final bosses. And, of course, saving the princess.