Kapow-i GoGo tix are going fast!

Our next performance of Kapow-i GoGo at the Peoples Improv Theater is Sunday May 24th at 1p. Tix are going fast, so get em before they’re gone at the PIT’s website. They’re only $30 for the full marathon of Parts 1-3 and include a breakfast cereal buffet (with adult beverages also available from the PIT’s Love Bar). Think Saturday morning cartoons for adults!

***TimeOut NY Critic’s Pick*** | “This kickass ’90s epic brings geek theater to the next level!” -Charged.fm | “Kapow-i GoGo is more than good geek theater, it is great theater, period.” -Ludus | “A thrill ride… a stunningly talented ensemble cast…” -Flavorpill. More press links available here!


Her name is Kapow-i GoGo. And she’s going to save the world. Again. And again. And again. Matt Cox’s Kapow-i GoGo is an epic, three-part, live-action hybrid of Dragon Ball Z, Cyberpunk Space Operas, most of the Final Fantasies and every other after-school cartoon you watched in the mid-to-late ’90s. It’s a Geek Coast of Utopia. A Nerd Gatz..with cooler hair...and more robotic appendages. 

Kapow-i GoGo is a theatrical experience built for an audience used to binge-watching Netflix. Continuing its buzzy run at The PIT, Kapow-I GoGo will do a hyper-marathon of all three parts – 9 episodes – almost 4 hours of content – on Sunday May 24th & Saturday June 20th at 1pm. Intermissions will be plentiful, don’t worry. The PIT’s Love Bar is just outside the door to the theater, fully stocked and with Kapow-I Specialty drinks all afternoon. (Try the Kapow-i SuperPunch! or sample some free sugary breakfast cereal!).

 Kapow-i GoGo began as one of the most popular plays at The Flea Theater’s #serials@theflea. For the PIT run, the show has been expanded and re-conceived into three totally new, separate evenings: Kapow-i GoGo Gooooo!, Kapow-i GoGo Z, and Kapow-i GoGo Returns spanning three decades and following our plucky blue-haired fighter on her journey to collect all the legendary Hydra Crystals, to compete in The World’s Ultimate Warrior Tournament, to far-flung future dystopias and fights with power-mad cybernetic generals, giant robots, mountain monsters and assorted other final bosses. And, of course, saving the princess.