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PUFFS New World Stages Transfer

Hollywood Life: “The show has moved to its new home at the New World Stages, making the show bigger, funnier, and dare I say, more magical than before… Matt Cox’s show is a playful yet poignant perspective on the Potter universe, and any true fan will love the unique story perfect woven in the tale we all know too well.”

Edge Media: “An affectionate, razor-witted response to one mother-behemoth of a franchise.”

Theater Pizzazz: “A loving comedic tribute to the misfits of the wizarding world by Matt Cox… I hadn’t realized how much I loved the characters until I saw them all again and felt like I was hearing timeless stories from old friends.”

Frequent Business Traveler: “You’ll want to return to your favorite school of magic if not just to see the new, grander, thoroughly immersive set, but to hear all the updated hilarious jokes from playwright Matt Cox, which are sure to have any witch, wizard, or muggle, cackling until their cheeks hurt… An entire new journey that is worth a trip to New York City to see.”

Times Square Chronicles: “It’s hard to imagine a better way to spend an evening at the theater… Puffs reminds you that even in the humdrum and drudgery of the muggle world we live in, our favorite magic school will always be there, and it might behoove us to return more often.”

Front Row Center: “Run right out and buy a ticket, don’t bother to read the rest of this review.”



NY Times: “The fun of Puffs, though, is in its intersections with the story we know from J. K. Rowling’s books and the movie adaptations… Puffs exudes a jovial, winking fondness for all things Harry.”

Hypable: #3 on The 10 Best Shows of 2015… “a must-see for any Harry Potter fans in NYC…”

Theatre is Easy: “Director Kristin McCarthy Parker’s exuberant pace rockets the ensemble through all the books and films in just “80-ish” minutes. Matt Cox’s script is blissfully hysterical, brimming with nods to the novels’ unforgettable moments.”

On Stage: “Like all great directors, I can’t tell you exactly what it is [Parker] does from watching the play, but I know she’s doing something very right. Her invisible hand is more invisible than most, but something about the way she works seems to allow her actors more freedom to be whimsical and silly than many other Downtown productions.”

New York Theatre Review: “The playful revisionist treatment unfolds in both hilarious and surprising ways… Kristin McCarthy Parker is a truly admirable director…”

Quick Theatre: “one of your best bets for comedy in the new year… For someone “in the Harry Potter know”, Puffs will charm your socks off, in equal amounts of gentle parody and true love for their subject.”

250-Word Reviews: “Puffs transcends parody and fan service to create a three-dimensional world populated by believable characters whose tragedies resonate as strongly as their triumphs.”


OnStage: “… the comic audacity of their low-fi visual and auditory thrills, the laughable way they try to recreate million dollar special effects and camera editing with dollar-store props, a microphone and mime… there is nothing an audience can do, but laugh… So much fun it might change your life a little. You must see it.”

Theatre is Easy: “… comedy troupe Recent Cutbacks has distilled the trilogy’s first installment, The Fellowship of the Ring, into a lean and hysterical sixty minutes with Fly, You Fools!

StageBuddy: “Recent Cutbacks have certainly not cut back on the fun and hilarity in their latest endeavor… Every minute of the show is pure joy for lovers of The Lord of the Rings.”

Theater is Good: “There’s certainly a lot to love about this production… crafted under the careful direction of Kristin McCarthy Parker, whose sense of fun and attention to detail is evident throughout her work.”

MONSOON SEASON, by Lizzie Vieh

*Samuel French Off-Off-Broadway Festival Finalist (to be published in the 41st OOB Short Play Festival collection)*



Theatre is Easy: “It’s the most fun I’ve had at the theater in years. Three Day Hangover is making theatre fun again… Guided by Kristin McCarthy Parker‘s skilled direction, the cast manages to find surprising moments of comedy, pop culture references, modern vernacular, and crazy excuses to imbibe with a cold beer or shot.”

Theater in the Now: “With the blend of modern comedy and period melodrama, Parker was able to guide her company through the world with the greatest of ease.”

Stagebuddy Interview

The Reading Salon Reviews: “The cast’s energy is infectious so even if you don’t booze it up you’ll love the experience of being ‘in’ this show. If Bram Stroker was alive he’d be proud.”

Scream Queenz Podcast Review

Exeunt Review: “It is difficult to choose my favorite character, actor, or scene.”


#1 of TimeOut NY’s “Top 20 Spring Events in NYC”: “… this shot for shot live remake of the dinotastic film, complete with live music, will only leave you in tears if you’re crying of laughter…”

#3 of TimeOut NY’s Top 10 Comedies of 2014: “… it was a pure joy from start to finish.”

TimeOut NY Critic’s Pick

ONSTAGE: “The whole thing comes together in a flurry of under-budgeted, over-enthusiastic, goofy genius that warrants at least a couple more paragraphs. It’s certainly the brand of stage-craft I’m coming to know director Kristin McCarthy Parker for, who I now appear to be stalking from one excellent production at the PIT to the next… When you watch a great production as an audience member, it’s always hard to say exactly what it is that the director did, but I can safely say that, whatever it is she’s doing, Parker is doing it incredibly well. Clearly one to follow.” “…an impressive, head-spinning, laugh riot of a spoof that manages to be a love letter to the film even as it makes fun of it…”

New York Theatre Review: “…Director Kristin McCarthy Parker has choreographed an hour of pure farce with seamless transitions from scene to scene… A great mix of comedy and pop culture, parody and homage, the team at Recent Cutbacks has crafted a highly entertaining theatrical experience…”


Maxamoo podcast (8:45): “… a really engaging, epic, action-adventure story with romance and danger… it’s edge-of-your-seat theater… the audience was with them every step of the way… so fully-realized and smart and fun and awesome and as long as you don’t hate joy, I really recommend it…”

Flavorpill: “…More impressive than the intricate plotting of the evening is the ability of both the writing and performance to never drift into parody, thanks in no small part to swift but sensitive direction by Kristin McCarthy Parker… Character deaths hurt, romances thrill, and even the changing alliances of villains late in the game will melt your heart.”

On Stage: “…It is no exaggeration to say that ‘Kapow-i’ is a non-stop riot. I started laughing almost immediately, and didn’t stop. The definition of the term. Creator Matt Cox, and directors Kristin McCarthy Parker and Joel Soren have done something great here…”

Theatre is Easy: “Every now and then I will see a show so good, so perfectly attuned to my own weird aesthetic that I will actually become angry that someone created and executed the concept first…” “Perhaps the most impressive element of Kapow-i GoGo, however, is how it manages to be both openly comical and internally consistent, invoking real drama while at the same time making us laugh… the performance handles that dichotomy perfectly, a heart-warming and laugh-out-loud production…”

Theatre in the Now: “…a full-throttle episodic whirlwind of amusement… Co-directors Kristin McCarthy Parker and Joel Soren made the material explode on the stage in all the right ways…”

CT Post Blogs: “Kapow-i GoGo is being presented in a comedy club, but it’s a real theater piece in which the terrific script by Matt Cox and highly imaginative staging by Kristin McCarthy Parker and Joel Soren transport us to a mythical land…”

kumrads won’t

*Winner of a FringeNYC 2013 Overall Excellence Award*

indie theater now: “kumrads won’t, horribly, painfully relatable, grabs hold and won’t let you go… It made me lose my breath….Simply and powerfully directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker…”

Woman Around Town: “This is a wonderful piece of work – original, insightful, moving and beautifully crafted…Direction by Kristin McCarthy Parker is at all times absorbing, never contrived. Both characters wear their personalities like second skin. Nothing is intimated before its time, a credit to Parker’s judgment. Pacing is sensitive to every nuance of the play; even silence is full. The push pull of destabilized feeling is credible and well choreographed….”

Bears (59E59 Theaters)

Theatermania *Editor’s Pick*: “It is awesome. So awesome…”

TimeOut NY: “Intriguing… a batch of budding talents.”

Mr. Toole (for EstroGenius Festival 2014)

*Winner of Best Direction and Best Play*